Does your cooler leave you frustrated every summer? Is it flimsy and inconvenient, or — even worse — seems to allow ice to melt quickly, leaving you with a cooler full of warm drinks in wet cans and soggy food? If you’re looking for the perfect summertime cooler, Tri-County Hearth & Patio Center has your solution: The Yeti cooler.  The Yeti is your perfect cooler! It will hold up to summertime excursions as well as keep food and drinks icy cold for days on end.

So what, exactly, make a Yeti cooler different?

Strength and Durability

Above all, Yeti coolers are designed for strength and durability. The coolers are made from rotomolded polyethylene. That means the bodies of the cooler are one piece so there are no weak corners or vulnerable joints. Yeti cooler lids are attached with Yeti’s Neverfail Hinge System. The system features two hinge pins and an interlocking design so the hinges from giving out. The lid secures with Yeti’s patent-pending rubber latch technology.  It’s guaranteed not to snap. In addition, the cooler’s handles are made from military-grade polyester rope. Yeti coolers are so strong they’re certified “grizzly resistant,” and Yeti demos shows the coolers holding up to bears, fireworks, and stuntmen.

Extra Cooling Power

A durable cooler doesn’t do much good if it doesn’t keep your food and beverages cold. That’s why the Yeti cooler design goes above and beyond your typical cooler to insulate the inside of the cooler. Extra-thick cooler walls allow for up to three inches of foam insulation inside each Yeti cooler. The Coldlock gasket- lined lid fits onto the body of the cooler with an Interlock system that’s designed to not only seal the cold in but the heat out.


Yeti coolers will stack up to heavy recreational use. They have features like non-slip feet and Anchorpoint tie-down systems so you can secure your Yeti cooler in the back of a truck, on the deck of a boat, the bottom of a canoe or the rack or an ATV. Yeti coolers have accessories like cooler dividers and baskets that are designed to make them user-friendly. Other accessories include bottle openers, locks, seat cushions, chock sets and rod holders.


Yeti coolers come in a variety of sizes and models so there’s a Yeti cooler for any summertime activity. There’s a Yeti cooler to accommodate everything from a summer picnic to a weeks-long camping, boating, fishing or hunting excursion. Cooler sizes range from the soft-walled personal-sized Hopper and the grab-and-go Roadie to the full-sized Tundra,

If you are ready to shed your frustration with flimsy, inadequate coolers, stop by Tri-County Hearth & Patio Center to see our lineup of Yeti coolers and find your perfect cooler for the summer.