Why Buy A Wood Insert?

Wood-burning inserts are the perfect way to enjoy the classic romance of a wood-burning fire, without the inefficiency of a drafty fireplace. Unlike masonry fireboxes, inserts are designed to retain heat better and reduce energy waste. Wood inserts also typically burn cleaner than fireplaces. If you love the look and feel of a wood-burning fireplace, but are tired of the inefficiency and the emissions, a wood insert can be the perfect solution for your home.

The Benefits Of Choosing A Wood Insert

Wood Inserts at Tri County Hearth & Patio in Waldorf, MD
  • Faster, Less Labor Intensive Than A Rebuild – Many homeowners are tired of their drafty or unsightly, old fireplace, but simply don’t want to deal with the cost and time involved with a full fireplace rebuild. If your existing fireplace is damaged, inefficient or an eye-sore, a wood insert can be easily and rather quickly installed so that you can enjoy a fire sooner, rather than later.
  • Efficient & Clean Burning – Using wood as a fuel doesn’t have to be environmentally damaging or a burden on your energy bill. Modern wood inserts are designed to burn cleanly and efficiently, so that you can enjoy the crackle and look of a real wood fire without the guilt.
  • Style Options – Let’s face it – sometimes change can be a really good thing. If you’re tired of the look of your fireplace, add some spice to your life with a wood insert. From classic to modern, there are a variety of high-quality, aesthetically pleasing inserts to choose from here at Tri-County Hearth & Patio.

How Do Inserts Work With My Existing System?

Inserts are designed to fit in your existing fireplace, and to be used in conjunction with your existing chimney system. There are, however, some things you’ll need to consider, such as chimney condition and liner compatibility. A professional chimney sweep can make sure that everything will work together properly during the installation process.

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If you’re ready to add efficiency and style to your existing fireplace, check out our huge selection of cast, classic, and flush model wood inserts.  Our knowledgeable and experienced staff would be more than happy to help you decide which insert is right for you and your needs. We’ll even fire them up so that you can see them in action.

Wood Burning Inserts at Tri County Hearth & Patio in Waldorf, MD



When you think about your fireplace options, consider how a woodstove could be part of the solution.

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