Our Cast & Classic Series Pellet Inserts Make It Easy To Convert Your Old Wood-burning Fireplace Into A More Eco-Friendly Option

Pellet inserts have become an increasingly popular option for converting old, wasteful wood-burning fireplaces into efficient, eco-friendly, heating machines. What’s not to love? They work hard, they provide controllable heat, and they make use of a renewable resource: wood waste compacted into pellets. We love them and our customers love them!

If you’re considering having a new pellet insert retrofitted into your fireplace, check out our cast and classic series. You’re sure to find the perfect fit right here.

What Makes Pellet Inserts The Smart Choice?

  • They’re environmentally friendly & produce more heat with less emissions — Many of us are looking for small ways to lower our carbon footprint and work with the environment, not against it. If that’s you, you’ll love pellet inserts. There’s no guilt because these appliances run on wood composite pellets, which provide a clean, more efficient burn and produce more heat with less ash and emissions than wood logs. You get more heat and less guilt, what’s not to love?
  • They offer controllable heat — Have you always been a fan of a real wood fire but wished there was a way to control the heat and keep the fire going, without all the work? Pellet inserts have automatic feeders that keep the fire going and help you maintain a consistent, comfortable temperature in your home. Easy, effortless control.
  • Pellets are easy to store and load — Let’s face it: stacking, storing, and hauling wood isn’t always pleasant. You run out of space, worry about bringing termites into your home, and you have to take the time to properly season the wood. Not to mention the cold evenings you spend outside getting more fuel for the fire. With pellet inserts, you can forget about all of that. Bags of pellets can be purchased any time of year in bags of varying sizes, so storage and loading is easy and doesn’t require tons of space or effort.

We’re Here To Help

Ready to say goodbye to that drafty fireplace and hello to comforting, environmentally friendly warmth? Start shopping for your new pellet insert today.  We carry a wide assortment of quality pellet inserts and our team is here to answer any questions you may have. Call 301-843-1771 to learn more or to talk with one of our experts about your home heating needs.


If you like everything about burning wood in your fireplace, consider installing a wood insert for increased efficiency.

Enviro M55

Enviro M55

Pellet Insert Design, Enviro Empress by Tri County Hearth & Patio in Waldorf, MD

Enviro Empress

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Enviro Milan


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