Make your patio that dream space you've always wanted.

Make your patio that dream space you’ve always wanted.

Do you like to entertain? Whether it is back yard barbeques or elegant little black dress parties, you need the perfect place to bring your guests to. What if your patio could be the perfect place to do such a thing? Imagine a spring afternoon grilling some burgers and breaking out the kickball. So that’s not your type of thing. Imagine the moonlight shining down as you and your friends celebrate and sip some wine. Either way, you know you want an upgrade from the weathered furniture and basic wooden deck you have now. With the New Year ahead, now is the time to plan your DIY projects for the year. Re-imagine your patio the way you want it and have the folks over at Tri County Hearth and Patio Center make your outdoor dreams come true.

Know What You Want

First, you need to have basic idea of what you want. Some people prefer to start with the ground and work their way up. Do you want a wooden floor or something a little more fancy like brick or stone? The next thing you can think about is the foundation and the roof. Some people like to have support beams that come up from the corners to support the covering for the area. This roof can be a wooden gazebo style structure or a fabric covering. You can also install flower boxes, light fixtures, and projector screens for decoration.

Pick out Appliances and Furniture

After you have someplace to work with you can begin buying appliances if you wish. Some people prefer a simple grill, but others have a full kitchen or a fireplace in their outdoor area. With whatever you decide on, you should make sure that all gas and electrical lines are installed correctly and that anything with flames has the appropriate space to ventilate itself. If you are in an area where weather can affect your patio, it might be wise to think about installing protection. Any business that you have assist you in you building process will know what advice to give for these situations. Hopefully you didn’t get carried away and you still have some room for furniture. There are a variety of sizes and color schemes to fit any design so get started on your dream patio today!