If you find yourself in the market for a way to enhance your outdoor cooking experience, chances are you’ve heard of the Big Green Egg, a ceramic kamado grill. The cult-like following that the Big Green Egg has developed over the years is quite impressive. Many of these like-minded individuals gather regularly for a growing roster of ceramic-cooking exhibitions, which have been aptly named EGGfests.

The Eggcitement surrounding these events is unlike anything else you've seen before. You have to see it to believe it!

The Eggcitement surrounding these events is unlike anything else you’ve seen before. You have to see it to believe it!

What Exactly is an EGGfest?

EGGfests are cooking events that are dedicated to the Big Green Egg. Eggheads (a nickname for the fans of the Big Green Egg), family members and friends travel from all across the country to participate and share at these events. Whether you own a Big Green Egg or just want to sample some incredible food, then an EGGfest is for you.

EGGfests attract both newcomers and advanced cooks alike. These festive events also provide a good opportunity for someone thinking about buying an Egg to learn all about it and see firsthand the versatility of the intriguing ceramic cooker and hear about the experiences from current owners. Prospective buyers can buy the demo grills (used only once) at a discount, in advance of the event.

Why Do People Love These Egg-Shaped Smoker-Grills?

Some say it resembles an alien spaceship. Others complain that it only comes in one color — forest green. And still others complain that it’s either too heavy and/or too expensive. So why would anyone want to purchase one? Fans of the Egg say the cooker’s versatility and performance is what ultimately won them over. Camaraderie with other Eggheads, both online and in person, fuels their passion.

The Egg’s ability to both cook at extremely high temperatures and to sustain very low cooking temperatures for upwards of 18 hours are obvious reasons for the fanaticism. Egg enthusiasts say the cooker is easy to use once you master the basics. Resources are available via the Egghead Forum, an interactive website sponsored by the Big Green Egg Co. Users of the site post their favorite recipes as well as questions. Fellow Eggheads weigh in and share their cooking accomplishments.

Bon Appetit Magazine summed it up best: “Music has Deadheads. Football has Cheeseheads. And barbecue has Eggheads. You’ll know this last group by the egg-shaped green grills they’ll be standing next to, tongs in hand, looking to extol the virtues of the Big Green Egg. Their mantra goes something like this… It’s foolproof, fuel-efficient, and can cook anything from fish and steak to pizza and pie. You have to get one. Now.”

If you’ve been trying to decide between having the perfect grill, the perfect oven or the perfect smoker, why not have all three? With the Big Green Egg, you can satisfy all your cravings with one product. Whatever you need, Tri-County Hearth & Patio Center has it! If you have any questions or would like to know more about the Big Green Egg or any of its EGGcessories, give us a call or visit our showroom. Our knowledgeable staff can help you with any questions you may have.