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Grilling Companion CC3000 Adjustable Corn Grilling Basket

Grilling meat is as primal as it gets and nothing beats the aroma and taste of food hot off the grill. According to the CNN Library, 62% of Americans own a grill and 7 out of 10 home grillers think they are “better than average” at grilling.  At the Tri County Hearth & Patio Center in Waldorf, Maryland, we take grilling as seriously as you do. Our passion for grilling carries over to our customers to enhance their grilling experiences. In addition to an array of grills for every location, grilling preference, and budget, we also offer a full line of accessories to maximize your grilling results.

There are two important facts about grilling meat. First, your number one priority is not to overcook the meat. Next, the longer and slower you cook the meat, the more tender it will become. The ability to balance those two facts and produce a juicy, tender, flavorful piece of meat separates the experts from the BBQ wanna-bes.

While an upside down trash can lid may serve as a makeshift grill, when result are important, and you are serious about grilling, it’s all about control. Controlling the heat, the proximity of the meat/vegetables to the heat, and the cooking time are all important considerations. As more and more Americans choose to grill, the availability of grilling supplies and accessories have joined charcoal, gas, and pellet grills in today’s continually expanding marketplace.

Rubs with attention getting names like “Dizzy Pig”, “Shigs in Pit” and the “BBQ Guru” have become the BBQ chef’s favorite seasonings. The grilling accessories manufactured by The Charcoal Companion expand the foods you can successfully cook on your grill. The grids, griddles, bakers and bean pots allow you to get that smoky just off the grill taste even with the most difficult foods such as asparagus, pancakes, pizza and shrimp. You can impart that delicious barbeque taste into your foods from your outdoor grill without damaging your indoor cookware. Their chicken roaster and seafood rack also expand your grilling options. Most of the products from Charcoal Companion are available through retail establishments. The Steak Station enables you to cook that perfect piece of meat by monitoring it throughout the cooking process, so even a novice griller won’t ruin it. There are fish spatulas so you don’t leave half your fish stuck to the grill, flat rotisserie baskets, grill tong/turner combinations, wood chips soakers, grill humidifiers, and remote control BBQ thermometers. Whenever you grill, you need the basics— heavy duty aluminum foil, spray bottle of water, and plate or serving platter to transfer the cooked meat on to since you never ever want to mix cooked and raw meat of any kind.

John Mariani, Esquire magazine’s food and drink correspondent and co-author of Grilling For Dummies offers this timeless advice in his article (that women can learn from as well)“Things a Man Should Know About Grilling”:

  • A pot holder is not the same thing as a grilling mitt. Pot holders are for ovens.
  • A cool gadget for charcoal grills (is) the electric charcoal igniter. You plug it in, set it in the grill, top it with charcoal, and within about eight minutes the coals will be on their way to readiness. No lighter fluid needed.
  • But nothing beats the chimney starter.
  • One inch is the best thickness for a steak (including fish steaks) or pork chop. It’s the easiest to get right — a nice exterior crust, a juicy middle.

Don’t think that meat is the only thing that can go on the grill. Sure, corn and vegetables are good to mix in, but you’d be surprised how grilling watermelon, pickles, citrus, and donuts that can taste better when grilled. Remember, putting fruits and vegetables on an open grill is essentially roasting, not grilling. So feel free to experiment.

Like most other things in life, using the proper tools deliver better results and of course, the more you practice the more you will improve and have confidence in your skills. The National Fire Protection Association outlines basic safety tips for homeowners as well as addresses safety issue for propane and charcoal grills.

So if you need a grill or grilling supplies or accessories, stop by our showroom and let’s compare grilling notes. If you have time, we might even share a few of our favorite Big Green Egg recipes.