If you are lucky enough to have a Big Green Egg, you likely are looking forward to warmer days ahead, when sunny days and summertime gatherings will have you grilling, roasting and smoking for your family and friends. Whether you have been using your Big Green Egg all winter or whether you will be pulling it out of storage in anticipation of grill weather, there are some things you should do to get your Big Green Egg ready for the spring.

Inspect fasteners

The Big Green Egg advises checking your Egg’s fasteners at least twice per year — or more often if your Egg is new — and tightening them when needed. That includes checking metal bands, the hinges on your Egg’s lid and all nuts and bolts. Checking and tightening fasteners regularly will keep your Egg stable and secure.

Examine the area around your Egg

As you prep your outdoor grilling area for the spring, look at the areas around your grill. Make sure the area is free from combustibles, such as overhanging branches or leaf piles. Look at the area directly under your Egg to make sure that it has not deteriorated from exposure to the Egg’s heat. Remember that the Big Green Egg puts off extreme amounts of heat, and making sure that there are no combustibles around your grill will help to prevent grilling fires.

Don’t wash you Egg

It can be tempting to give your Egg a thorough spring cleaning, but that can be damaging to the Egg. While wiping off the outer portions of the Egg is safe, never wash or wipe the inside of your Egg with water. Water can penetrate the Egg’s ceramic and cause cracking down the road. If there is food residue inside your Egg, close the vents and lid after you’ve used your Egg, and the leftover heat will burn away the residue. Once the Egg is thoroughly cooled, you can scrub further using the Big Green Egg Grid Cleaner or the Stainless Steel Mesh Grill Scrubber.

Gradually warm up your Egg

If you haven’t used your Egg all winter, you will have to reheat the Egg gradually to slowly and safely evaporate moisture or burn away any residue that may have formed. To safely preheat your Egg, ignite a small amount of charcoal within the Egg and slowly bring the Egg to a temperature of 350 degrees.

Stock up on grilling necessities

No grill master likes to be caught without the tools he or she needs for a successful cookout. Before you are ready to light your Egg for the spring, make sure you have everything you need: Charcoal, grilling accessories, thermometer, wood chips and rubs and seasonings. If you have been considering upgrading your Egg with a new nest, plate setter or baking stone, spring is the time to invest so you can enjoy your new Egg accessory all summer long.

If you are ready to prep your Big Green Egg for the grilling season, stop by Tri-County Hearth & Patio Center today! We have all of the Big Green Egg accessories and replacement parts you could need, along with charcoal; grill tools; spices, sauces and rubs; and anything else you might need to create great meals on your Egg this grilling season.