Yeti has taken the world by storm with their high-quality, high-strength coolers and tumblers. These tumblers can keep ice frozen and drinks cold for days. One of the newest Yeti inventions, the Hopper.

For its many uses and its functional durability, the Yeti Hopper has been met with rave reviews.

Some ideal uses for the Yeti Hopper include:

  • Boating. Whether you’re tubing off the back of your speed boat, hitting the river rapids or paddling serenely across the lake, the Yeti Hopper makes a perfect accessory. It can be tethered easily to a kayak, raft or canoe. As a matter of fact, the Hopper does not take up the space a traditional hard-sized cooler would. On a boat that’s going to be tossed around, like a speed boat or whitewater raft, the soft-sided Hopper offers a degree of safety; it won’t be roughly tossed to cause potential harm the way a hard-sided cooler could.
  • Tailgating. Let’s face it: Tailgating requires a lot of gear, from the chairs to the table to the grill. However, a soft-sided Hopper will keep your brats, dips and beer as cold as its hard-sided counterpart. It doesn’t take up the space in the back of your car. Also, it can be easily fitted in under a seat or in between your gear.
  • Camping. It’s undeniable that anything longer than an overnight camping trip requires a large cooler filled with provisions. You might not be able to forego the big cooler, but bringing along a Yeti Hopper provides a major advantage. You can pack your cold drinks and your lunch while you take off on a day hike or a picnic.
  • Hunting and fishing. Hunters and anglers often set off for a long day. They need plenty of meals and snacks to keep them going. In most cases, toting a hard-sided cooler is a big inconvenience for an outdoorsman. The Hopper solves the dilemma between wanting to keep food cold and not being able to tote a big cooler. With its soft sides, shoulder strap and portability, the Hopper can allow you to keep your food and drinks cold on all of your outdoor adventures.

Most people see the convenience a soft-sided cooler has to offer, and if you’re serious about boating, tailgating, camping, hunting, fishing or other outdoor endeavors, the Yeti Hopper will stand up to your needs. With 1 inch of rubber foam insulation on all sides, the Hopper will keep your food and drinks cold, and your ice frozen, for days. The Hopper also features a DryHide shell that is puncture resistant and ultra-durable, a HydroLok zipper that seals the cold in and the heat out and an FDA-approved food-grade interior liner. On top of that, the Hopper is leak proof and mildew resistant.

If you are ready to take your outdoor adventures to the next level with the convenience of a Yeti Hopper, stop by the Tri-County Hearth & Patio showroom to see what the stir is all about.