Wood Appliance Maintenance

Here on this page, you’ll find all of the information that you need to effectively maintain your wood appliance and answer questions that you might have on the basics of wood appliances.

Firewood, Starting A Fire, Vocabulary

The Importance of Preheating Your Flue and Starting Your Wood Stove

Regency Pro Series User Guide

Chimney Systems, Air Cooled vs Insulated

How to Use a Catalytic Equipped Wood Stove

What Seasoned Firewood Is Like

Cleaning & Maintaining Your Wood Stove
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Lighting a Top Down Fire in Your Wood Stove

Chimney Draft Explained

Best Practices for Wood Burning Fireplace Installation

How to Operate a Top Sealing Damper

How to Light a Wood Stove
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Secondary Combustion in a Non-Catalytic Wood Stove

Straw vs a Chimney