The promise of spring has homeowners dreaming of warmer days ahead, spent outside relaxing and entertaining in their backyards. If you’re looking to enhance your backyard this spring, you should look at installing a firepit.

Firepits Let You Spend More Time Outdoors

It’s officially spring, but the weather hasn’t quite caught up with the season. If you’re eager to spend time outside, a firepit can help you enjoy your patio sooner. Firepits provide ample heat. That means when chilly spring nights would normally send you inside, you can stay warm around your firepit. And when fall’s temperatures would normally send you indoors, you’ll be able to extend the season thanks to the warmth of your firepit.

Firepits Provide Beautiful Lighting

A backyard patio without lighting means you have to head indoors when the sun sets. A backyard firepit can provide a beautiful, natural glow to light your nighttime outdoor gatherings. Depending on the placement of your firepit, you can light up your entire patio space with a firepit.

Firepits Are Perfect For Entertaining…

Nothing draws a crowd like the warm and inviting light of a fire. A firepit in your backyard provides the perfect entertaining space  for your family and friends. An outdoor firepit provides an anchor to your backyard. When you surround it with some comfortable seating, you have beautiful space that will encourage all of your friends and family to relax long after the party normally would have ended.

… Or For a Private Gathering

Firepits aren’t only perfect for entertaining a crowd. The flickering light and gentle heat of a fireplace also provides the perfect outdoor space for a romantic evening or even for an evening of relaxing outdoors by yourself.

Firepits Can Provide a Cooking Space

Of course, open flames invite the opportunity for roasting hotdogs, toasting marshmallows and making s’mores. Depending on the type of firepit you choose, you might be able to cook even more over your firepit. Some firepits can be fitted with cooking grates so you can cook over the open pit of your firepit as you would with a grill.

You Can Find the Perfect Firepit For Your Backyard

Whether you have acres of open space or a modest patio, there’s a firepit to suit your space. There are small, portable freestanding firepits, as well as large, built-in firepit installations. For those who prefer a traditional campfire feel, there are wood-burning firepits. For those who prefer the warmth and ambiance of an outdoor fire without the work of a wood-burning firepit, gas-fueled firepits allow you to enjoy a roaring fire with the flip of a switch.

Are you ready to upgrade your backyard with a firepit? Stop by Tri-County Hearth & Patio today! You can check out our lineup of firepits and find the firepit that’s perfect for your outdoor space.