124002 COMPLETE Berkshire Gas Fire Pit INCLUDES: 124091 Berkshire Gas Fire Pit & 616608 Crystal Fire Burner

124002 COMPLETE Berkshire Gas Fire Pit
INCLUDES: 124091 Berkshire Gas Fire Pit & 616608 Crystal Fire Burner

When you have a great patio and outdoor space, there is no reason you should retreat back inside once the weather gets colder. Adding a firepit to your patio brings much so much warmth that you can continue to enjoy outdoor living through the cooler months of the year. Not only does a firepit provide warmth, but it also brings a beautiful focal point to the area for you, your family, and friends to admire while you relax on the patio. Once you find your perfect firepit at Tri County Hearth & Patio Center, our certified technicians can install it wherever you wish. We carry two different brands of firepits: Hanamint and Patio Renaissance. We would like to tell you more about these brands and what sorts of firepits they offer.


Developing many innovations in design and style since 1993, Hanamint produces classic outdoor furniture constructed from cast aluminum and cast iron, including firepits and firepit tables. At Tri County Hearth & Patio Center, we sell five different models of Hanamint firepits and firepit tables:

  • Newport — Made from durable and lightweight aluminum, the Newport firepit features criss-crossed banding with embossed detail.
  • Chateau — Very ornate, the Chateau firepit has an upscale and traditional styling.
  • Tuscany — Featuring detailed scrolling, the Tuscany firepit and firepit table are influenced by classic and traditional European design.
  • Berkshire — Offering both an enclosed firepit and a firepit table, the Berkshire design has an Old World feel and features criss-crossed radius interior detailing as well as a wide embossed pattern border.
  • Mayfair — An enclosed Mayfair firepit is part of the most traditionally styled Hanamint collection.

You can depend on the quality and durability of Hanamint firepits because every piece goes through an eight-step finishing process. First, each frame has been washed and rinsed twice, and then, an aluminum sealant is applied. After drying in the oven, the frame goes into the powder coating booth and is covered on both sides with a powdery finish as it travels down a conveyor belt. The frame will then go back into an oven heated to 400 degrees where it will stay for 20 minutes to cure the finish. These finishes come in seven different colors, so you can choose from Black, Bourbon, Corner Stone, Desert Bronze, Fossil, Golden Bronze, and Mohave Rust.


One of the things Tri County Hearth & Patio Center loves about firepits and firepit tables from Patio Renaissance is the fact that you can mix and match the top and bottom sizes, designs, and shapes. Included shapes are round, square, and rectangle, and you can choose from aluminum, stone, or tile finishes. Patio Renaissance prides itself on creating durable, attractive outdoor furniture for “the renaissance of the American family.” Using the finest commercial grade of extruded aluminum tubes and strips to construct the frames, firepits from Patio Renaissance are competitively priced while having one of the lowest defect rates in the outdoor furniture industry,

If you would like to check out our firepits and firepit tables, contact, or stop by Tri County Hearth & Patio Center today. We are happy to discuss options from Hanamint and Patio Renaissance and other firepits we have in our showroom.