It’s almost universal that homeowners love a good fireplace. A fireplace adds warmth, ambiance, and décor to any home. For many, however, a fireplace seems out of reach due to the lack of a chimney. If your home doesn’t have a chimney and you can’t build one — because it’s cost prohibitive, not possible in the room you want your fireplace to be installed in or because condo association or HOA laws don’t allow it — that doesn’t mean you have to rule out a fireplace altogether. If you want a fireplace but don’t have a chimney, Tri-County Hearth & Patio can help!

How can I have a fireplace without a chimney?

Installing a fireplace where you can’t have a chimney seems counterintuitive. How on earth will you vent your fireplace or heating stove? There is actually a whole category of ventless fireplaces and heating stoves. These ventless heating appliances come with a variety of benefits. They’re nearly always cheaper and easier to install than their traditional, vented counterparts. They can be installed in small rooms and interior rooms that are impossible to install vented appliances in. They are incredibly efficient when it comes to generating heat. They are easy to operate and require little maintenance, other than an annual cleaning and inspection. What are my ventless fireplace options?

What are my ventless fireplace options?

There are a surprising amount of ventless fireplace and heating stove options. You’re sure to find one that fits your space, heating needs and style. When you look at ventless heating appliances, you’ll generally find three options:

  • Electric fireplaces and heating stoves. Electric fireplaces and heating stoves are incredibly easy to install. They generally only require to be taken out of the box and plugged into a 120-volt outlet, which makes them a possibility for just about any space in your home.
  • Ventless gas fireplaces, inserts, and stoves. Ventless gas fireplaces, inserts, and heating stoves are an incredibly popular choice for homeowners looking to install a fireplace or stove without the chimney. They run on natural gas or propane and are incredibly efficient heat sources. They do require a gas line to operate, making them more expensive to install than their electric counterparts, but they can provide flames that very closely mimic traditional wood-burning fireplaces.
  • Ventless gas logs. Ventless gas logs are a great option for people who want the look of a traditional, open-hearth fireplace without the chimney. Ventless gas logs need to be installed in a safely constructed firebox, but they provide a very realistic flame that can be hard to tell from an actual wood-burning fireplace. As with a ventless gas fireplace, ventless gas logs to require the installation of a gas line to the fireplace. How can I find the right ventless fireplace for my home?

How can I find the right ventless fireplace for my home?

If you’re ready to find the perfect ventless fireplace for your home, stop by the Tri-County Hearth & Patio showroom today! You can see some of our ventless fireplace options in action and consult with our fireplace experts to find the ventless fireplace or stove that fits your home and heating needs!