Have you been dying to have a hammock but you just don't know what to kind to get? We can help you choose the best one that's suited for your taste and needs.

Have you been dying to have a hammock but you just don’t know what kind to get? We can help you choose the best one that’s suited for your taste and needs.

Relaxing in your backyard on a hammock on a breezy summer day sounds very inviting as a break from the busy routine of your life. If you have not shopped for a hammock in a while, you will be surprised at the many comfortable options you have. Hammocks have come a long way from the basic braided rope braided styling. Tri County Hearth and Patio is proud to carry exclusively Hatteras Hammocks, and with their five different types of hammocks from which to choose, you will quickly understand why we love both the quality and luxury of this brand of hammocks.

● rope hammocks

Making this type of hammock since the early 1970’s, Hatteras Hammocks originally used cotton rope as it was soft and traditional. However, as the years have passed, new technologies in synthetic rope fabrics have appeared, and since cotton is a limited commodity, Hatteras began searching for the perfect synthetic rope fabric to make rope hammocks, looking for the right blend of durability and softness. Today, all of the Hatteras rope hammocks are made from the company’s own branded synthetic rope, DuraCord, giving these hammocks the comfort needed along with rugged outdoor durability.

● tufted hammocks

Two layers of solution-dyed all weather DuraCord or Sunbrella fabric filled with nonabsorbent polyester hollowfill fiber made from recycled plastic bottles, Hatteras’ tufted hammocks are luxuriously comfortable, as if you are lying on a cloud. Resistant to rot, rust, mildew, and staining, DuraCord and Sunbrella fabrics are colorfast to keep from fading and are as softer than cotton. Lush contours on these hammocks are created by eight nickel-plated rolled-rim grommets.

● quilted hammocks

Like Hatteras’ tufted hammocks, the quilted hammocks are made with two layers of soft, all-weather fabric filled with plush polyester batting, lockstitched together to create the perfect cushioned hammock. The top layer of these hammocks is made from our DuraCord fabric, so you will not have to worry about fading, staining, mildewing, molding, or rotting.

● pillowtop hammocks

Inspired inspiration in relaxation innovation, the pillowtop hammocks from Hatteras can show you how it feels to stretch out on top of cushioned clouds. One of the best features of the pillowtop hammocks is the added lumbar support that has not previously been seen in a hammock.

● soft weave hammocks

For many seasons of good-looking and great-feeling hammock relaxation, check out Hatteras’ Soft Weave hammocks. A thick braiding of strips of soft, all weather fabric, Soft Weave hammocks not only look distinctly unique, but they also have a one-inch layer of polyester fiberfill batting, giving these hammocks the top level in cushioned comfort.

If you are ready to try the ultimate in comfort hammocks from Hatteras, contact Tri County Hearth and Patio today to make an appointment to come in and try out each type of Hatteras Hammocks to discover the perfect hammock for you.