Convenience is not usually associated with fireplaces. Traditional fireplaces take work, whether it’s procuring, stacking, or hauling wood, as well as building and tending your fires. It can be hard to heat in your home with a traditional fireplace. Some types of fireplaces like gas and pellet-burning fireplaces, alleviate some of the inconvenience of traditional fireplaces. But if you’re looking for a fireplace that truly delivers flames and heat with convenience, you should consider an electric fireplace.

Easy installation

The convenience of an electric fireplace begins with installation. Most electric fireplaces only require a plug. For that reason, they have become extremely popular for condos, apartments, basement spaces, mobile homes, RVs and rooms within homes that may not permit a chimney.

The mobility and ease of electric fireplace installation also means you can relocate it at your convenience. There are also more permanent installation options available for electric fireplaces. We can also mounted them on the wall and even surround them with a hearth to create the look of a traditional fireplace in your home.

Effortless operation

Once your electric fireplace is in place, it is really simple to use. With simple controls and remote operation, you can enjoy the flickering flames and gentle heat of your electric fireplace. With an electric fireplace, you also have the added convenience of more control over your system. You are able to set the temperature controls to enjoy the exact heat output you want. You can even just turn on the flames and enjoy the look of a fire without the heat. Some electric fireplaces come with audio options, which allow you to enjoy the soothing crackle and pop of a traditional wood-burning fireplace.

Zero maintenance

Unlike other type of hearth appliance, electric fireplaces don’t require regular maintenance. With no chimney, there’s no need for an annual chimney cleaning and inspection. With no real firebox and flames, there’s nothing get cleaned and inspected. The only maintenance your electric fireplace will require is regular cleaning per the manufacturer’s instruction, to keep your electric fireplace looking good. Because no combustion occurs, there are no harmful combustion byproducts to deteriorate your fireplace. This also means your electric fireplace will last for years while maintaining its good look and convenience.

Check out Our Showroom!

Electric fireplaces truly offer optimal convenience when it comes to hearth appliances. If you’re ready to enjoy a glowing fire without the work and maintenance that comes a fireplace, or if you are in a space that wouldn’t accommodate a fireplaces, stop by the Tri-County Hearth & Patio showroom today to check out electric fireplace options. You will be able to look at the beautiful range of electric fireplaces we offer, and our fireplace experts can help you find the perfect electric fireplace to meet your needs.