We can all admit that our bills can get a little high when the weather outside turns cold.  When people see these prices, it isn’t unusual for homeowners to see where they can trim.  Often times, they will cut back on household maintenance.  However, this is not the best idea since the things they give up are recommended for a reason.  People have also started realizing that there are little things in their homes that if ran better could save money by being a little more energy efficient.  To talk to a specialist about what you can do; including all of our energy-efficient appliances, call Tri County Hearth and Patio.

How is energy lost from your home?

It is great when we can find eco-friendly options for our homes. It is doubly great when it saves us money too!

It is great when we can find eco-friendly options for our homes. It is doubly great when it saves us money too!

Your chimney is a major contributor to your home’s energy loss.  The worst part is that you will hardly even notice when this is happening.  When you do not keep their maintenance up, they can sometimes lack in producing heat as well.  If your fireplace is open, it can pull the cold or hot air in from outside.

The clothes dryer is another huge energy villain.  Different studies have concluded that your dryer uses around five percent of your home yearly energy.  And do not be fooled!  Even though a newer model will use less energy, it is not energy efficient.

It is also critical to make sure your heating appliance is maximizes performance in order to use less energy. Many homeowners; for both financial and ecological reasons, like pellet stoves. Another good appliance option for energy-efficiency is a gas insert, gas logs or a gas stove.

So, what do you do to save yourself from these energy worries?

The Chimney

There are a few small changes that can be made to your fireplace and chimney to increase the amount of useful energy that is being produced.  When the parts are not in working order they will malfunction and burn more energy.  Your technician might recommend that you check into a flue sealer which is a removable stopper that prevents air from leaving the chimney since they are inexpensive and easy to install.

The Dryer

Most people who avoid drying their clothes do it for love of the sweater and not to be eco-friendly.  If you do use a dryer, make sure that the vents get their proper cleanings.  This will help reduce the chance of fire and the number of cycles that your clothes have to go through, therefore saving energy.  If you have the space, install a clothesline.  These are all-natural and can be made for any size to fit any family.  For people with outdoor allergies or who live where wet weather is common, you can get an indoor drying rack that does the same job.

The Unit

We have many options to upgrade your unit to save both energy and money. Take a look at our product line and feel free to contact us with any questions.