Summer means relaxation, and nothing brings about relaxation like swinging in the summer breeze on finely made hammock. At Tri-County Hearth & Patio, we offer a selection of Hatteras Hammocks perfect for relaxing and enjoying the remainder of summer in your backyard.

What sets Hatteras Hammocks apart

Hatteras Hammock - Waldorf MD - Tri-County Hearth and Patio Center

At Tri-County Hearth & Patio, we sell Hatteras Hammocks because we know they are top-of-the-line hammocks guaranteed to give you years of enjoyment. Hatteras Hammocks were founded 45 years ago with a goal of creating the finest, most comfortable hammocks. All of the materials used to make Hatteras Hammocks are made to last, from the rope and fabrics used on the hammocks to the hardware to hang hammocks to the woods and metals used to construct their hammock frames.

Types of Hatteras Hammocks

Hatteras Hammocks come in three types: Rope, quilted and pillow top. All Hatteras hammocks are designed to be comfortable, durable and beautiful, so you are sure to find one that will suit your backyard.

  • Rope hammocks. Hatteras’s rope hammocks come in a bright white soft-spun polyester and Hatteras’s trademarked DuraCord, which is available in several bright colors. Both materials are as soft as traditional cotton hammocks, but they have the colorfastness and durability of top-of-the-line synthetic fabrics. Rope Hatteras hammocks are woven with more rope than most hammocks, making them exceptionally comfortable.
  • Quilted hammocks. Hatteras’s quilted hammocks are designed to be soft, plush and relaxing. They are sewn with two layers of soft all-weather fabric that holds its color while resisting mold and mildew growth, as well as resisting rotting. They come in a variety of bold and beautiful colors and patterns, and you are sure to find one that suits your taste.
  • Pillow-top hammocks. Hatteras’s pillow-top hammocks take outdoor comfort to the next level. They are made with a line-up of pillow-like pockets that provide cloud-like comfort at plenty of back support. Like the quilted hammock, they are sewn out of Hatteras’s durable fabric in an array of colors and patterns.

Hatteras hammocks can be slung up between trees, but Hatteras also offers durable hammock stands so you can string your hammock up anywhere that suits you. Available in a variety of woods and metals, you are sure to find the perfect Hatteras hammock stand for your Hatteras hammock.

Choose your Hatteras hammock today!

If your backyard is missing that crucial element of summer comfort — the hammock — visit Tri-County Hearth & Patio Center’s giant showroom today! We have a collection of rope, quilted and pillow-top Hatteras hammocks in a variety of colors and patterns. We will be able to show you the Hatteras hammock difference and help you find the Hatteras hammock that is perfect for your backyard.