protect_your_patio_furniture_waldorf_md_tri_county_patio_centerEnjoying the beautiful weather is only made easier with comfortable outdoor furniture. From tables and chairs, to rockers and benches, to swings and loungers, there is a perfect piece of furniture out there for you. While outdoor furniture is designed to withstand harsh weather, nothing could possibly hold up to years of direct sun, rain, and harsh east coast winters without a little assistance. You can help make your outdoor furniture last longer by taking a few simple steps every year.


An easy measure that many people often forget to consider is keeping the furniture clean. For hard, nonporous materials like vinyl or aluminum, use hot and soapy water. Simply scrub the furniture down on a regular basis, rinse with clean water, and allow it to dry in the sun. For wood furniture, only use water and a soft sponge, and then let it dry in the sun. You can also utilize upholstery cleaners for any fabrics you have outside. Just be sure to test a hidden area to prevent any unsightly discoloration.


The next step you can take to maintain your furniture is to take care of any rusted metal. While it may be too late to save any heavily rusted items, you can take a wire brush to minor rust spot and scrub the rust away. To ensure the rust does not return and to prevent rust on newer furniture, apply a paste wax to all of your metal furniture. Use this wax even on new furniture and reapply it regularly, especially after washing.


Another important step to increasing the longevity of your outdoor furniture is to keep it covered. When you are temporarily not using the furniture during the nice weather months, invest in a cover for all your pieces. Custom covers work best, but you can also make a weather proof tarp work as well. As long as the cover is breathable to prevent mildew build up, it should function well as protection for your outdoor furniture. Make use of tie downs and bungee cords to hold down the covers and prevent them from flying away in adverse weather.

Bring It In

When the nice weather finally wraps up and you head inside for a long winter, you should bring your furniture in with you. Frigid Maryland winters can do some serious damage to your furniture, so the best option is to take it out of the elements. An outdoor shed is a good choice. If you do not have a shed, you can store your furniture in the garage or the basement.

If you want to make your outdoor furniture last beautifully for years to come, now is the time to take the steps to protect it. For more information and products to help protect your outdoor furniture, contact Tri County Hearth and Patio Center located in Waldorf, Maryland to talk to an expert.