Fire pits are a beautiful and comfortable addition to any home’s backyard.  Choosing the right firepit takes some careful consideration. Gas and wood are two of the most popular firepit choices, and this guide may help you decide which one is right for you.


Whether you choose gas or wood for your firepit, it’s important to know that you have a supplier for the fuel. Wood firepits need good, seasoned wood, and gas pits can use either propane or natural gas. Having ready access to fuel is an easy way to keep the fire going.


A wood firepit needs a spot to store wood. You have to be able to keep your firewood dry, and it should be stored away from your home, because a wood pile can house termites and other unpleasant creatures.


Installing a wood-burning firepit is a simple matter of bringing it home and setting it down. A gas firepit may take a little longer to install, especially if you’re going to use natural gas.

Starting the Fire

A gas firepit’s flame can be produced instantly, by just flipping a switch.  A wood fire takes some coaxing to get started. However, once a wood fire is going strong, it can produce much more heat than a gas firepit.


The costs associated with the purchase of a firepit are all over the block. A wood firepit may cost as little as a couple of hundred dollars, but depending on how elaborate you want it, the price could easily go over $1000.  If you purchase a gas firepit, the costs could have a range of $400 into the thousands, again depending on its size and design.


Wood firepits are more difficult to maintain because of the soot and ashes you’ll need to deal with. In addition to removing the ashes, the firepit will need to be cleaned regularly to prevent the build-up of creosote. A gas firepit, on the other hand needs very little maintenance. Periodically checking all of the hoses and connections and wiping down the outside of the firepit is about all you’ll need to do.


Gas firepits are generally safer than wood firepits. They will burn clean and unlike a wood fire, the gas doesn’t produce any flying fire sparks that could ignite a fire outside the pit.

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