At Tri-County Hearth & Patio Center, we’re serious about grilling. That’s why we only carry the best grills on the market, including Primo Grills. So what exactly is the Primo Grill difference?

Primo grillHigh-grade ceramic construction

At the heart of Primo Grill’s function is the heavy-duty ceramic construction. While traditional metal grills with their metal grates pull moisture out of foods as they cook, the ceramic exterior of the Primo grill acts as an insulator, allowing food to cook slowly while retaining its moisture and flavor.


Primo Grills don’t just grill food. They can grill, roast, smoke and bake. The versatility of Primo Grills comes from a few of the grills’ components, including a lower draft door, a divided firebox, reversible cooking grates and a top vent controlled by a daisy wheel. By altering the flow through the lower draft door and the top vent to control the temperature, and by changing the configuration of the charcoal within the firebox, Primo Grill users can choose the ideal cooking method and cooking temperature for their foods.


Primo Grills are built for serious grillers. Primo Grills are made to cook for a crowd. Even the smallest grill, the Oval Junior 200, can accommodate up to 15 steaks or two 14-pound turkeys at one time. The largest Primo Grill models, the Primo Oval XL 400 and the Jack Daniel’s Edition Oval XL 400, can cook up to 25 steaks at one time!


The other major benefit of Primo Grills is that they are totally customizable to your unique grilling situation. The grills themselves are ceramic ovals that can be fitted into a variety of bases to fit your patio setup. They can be purchased with a standard Primo Grill base to stand like a traditional grill, or they can be built directly in to your outdoor kitchen! The Primo Oval Junior 200 can be paired with the Primo Go stand for portable grilling at picnics, tailgating parties, campsites, beaches or anywhere else you like to do your grilling!

If you are a serious griller who is on the search for a unique, top-of-the-line grilling experience, come and talk to the grilling experts at Tri-County Hearth & Patio Center. You can browse our large showroom and see all of the models Primo Grills has to offer. We can show you up close how Primo Grills work to provide a one-of-a-kind grilling experience and help you find the Primo Grill model that’s right for you.

And while you’re here, don’t forget your grilling accessories! At Tri-County Hearth & Patio Center, we carry everything you need for the perfect cookout, including grill tools, seasons, wood chips and charcoal. Stop by our super showroom to see our Primo Grills and grilling accessories today!