Large or small, a patio space provides great opportunity for expanding your home’s living, entertaining and relaxing space. Determining just how to decorate and define your outdoor living space can seem like an overwhelming proposition. By following a few patio decorating tips, you can transform your patio into a functional, inviting and comfortable outdoor space.

Create Separate Spaces

If you have a large patio, or even a medium-sized one, create separate zones rather than trying to decorate one large space. You can have a dining area with tables and chairs and a separate seating area with lounge furniture or a fire pit. Creating multiple zones on your patio will enhance the function of your outdoor space, and it will provide different areas for your guests to mix, mingle and relax when you entertain.

Think About Skipping the Patio Set

When decorating your patio, it can seem standard to go to the store and spot a set of tables and chairs, but you don’t have to go straight for a traditional set when you’re decorating your patio. If you are looking for a space to relax, an outdoor sofa can provide a comfortable spot. Hammocks can provide a laid-back space for you to lounge as you enjoy your patio. There are also outdoor chaise lounges or bar sets. Once you migrate away from the usual patio set, you will find a range of furniture options to fit your needs.

Create a Focal Point

Just like rooms inside your home, a patio space can benefit from focal points. Outdoor fireplaces or fire pits, trellised plants or outdoor artwork can add a focal point to your outdoor spaces, anchoring the space and adding visual interest. Once your focal point has been established, don’t forget to create additional aesthetic interest in your outdoor space by layering in additional décor or plants.

Bring Indoor Comforts Outside

When it comes to decorating your outdoor space, don’t be afraid to approach it just as you would your indoor space! Add an outdoor rug to help define your spaces and add color. Use outdoor throw pillows for comfort and a pop of style. If you have a pergola or roof over your outdoor space, you can even add outdoor curtains to define and soften your patio space or to lend a sense of sophistication. To truly enjoy your outdoor living space, your patio should have the same elements of comfort and style as your indoor spaces!

Celebrate the Outdoors

Don’t forget that your outdoor living space is outdoors! While you might enjoy modern lines, bold patterns and bright colors, pay homage to the outdoors and add interest to your outdoor space with natural accents. Plants of any sort — whether they’re in pots, window boxes or planters — are an easy way to accent your outdoor space, but you also can use décor made from natural elements like wood or stone.

Most importantly, have fun as you decorate your outdoor living space! You want it to be an inviting area that provides additional function to your home. Make sure your patio reflects your style and your needs. And if you need style inspiration, stop by the Tri-County Hearth & Patio Showroom to see our collection of outdoor furniture, appliances and décor.