This winter has brought arctic cold temperatures. Has your home stood up to the cold? Or has the cold had you longing for the warmth and comfort of a fireplace? Whether you are looking to add a new fireplace or upgrade an existing fireplace to your home, you have options! Tri-County Hearth & Patio services can have you enjoying the warmth, ambiance and comfort of a fireplace to see you through the rest of this winter.

Adding a new fireplace to your homeNeed a Fireplace This Winter

Adding a fireplace where one doesn’t exist sounds like a challenge, and it can be an undertaking if you choose to install a traditional wood-burning fireplace with a masonry chimney. While a wood-burning fireplace with a masonry chimney is a beautiful addition to any home, there are simpler ways for installing a fireplace in your home.

Some easier-to-install options include:

• Direct-vent gas fireplaces. Direct-vent gas fireplaces offer fairly easy installation because they can be exhausted anywhere through an exterior wall. With a direct-vent fireplace, a vent is put through an adjacent wall or ceiling; air is pulled in to feed the fire, and an additional vent exhausts the fireplace’s smoke to the exterior of the home.

• Vent-free gas fireplaces. A vent-free gas fireplaces can be installed nearly anywhere within the home that a gas line can be run. These fireplaces run efficiently enough that they don’t require ventilation, so they don’t require the installation of a chimney or ventilation pipe.

• Electric fireplaces. Electric fireplaces truly can be installed anywhere within a home. They don’t require ventilation or the addition of any fuel source; all they require is an electrical outlet. Some electric fireplaces come encased in a heart that can be nestled against a wall for a traditional fireplace look, or they can be mounted into a wall or into a hearth, depending on the look you want.

Fireplace inserts. If you already have a hearth in your home that looks outdated, is inefficient or does not use your preferred fuel, you can upgrade your hearth with a fireplace insert. Fireplace inserts come in wood-burning, pellet-burning, gas and electric varieties, so you can choose an insert that fits your home-heating needs and your lifestyle.

Heating stoves. Heating stoves are another easy way to add some heat to your home. Heating stoves are free-standing, so they don’t require the infrastructure of a hearth, though they can be installed in a hearth to suit your style. Like fireplace inserts, heating stoves come in direct-vent gas, vent-free gas, electric, pellet and wood-burning varieties.

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