Has a deep chill invaded your home this winter? If so, consider a new hearth appliance to supplement your home’s heating system and reduce your heating costs. If you’re looking to add a hearth product to your home, you might be wondering if a fireplace insert or heating stove is right for your home.

Both fireplace inserts and heating stoves are an excellent way to generate added heat and ambiance for your home. Both feature closed systems, meaning you get plenty of heat without losing warm air up the chimney. They also come in a variety of fuel types, including wood, pellet and gas, so you can choose the heat source that best fits your lifestyle. To determine what type of hearth appliance is best for your home, you’ll want to look at the differences between fireplace inserts and heating stoves.

Fireplace Inserts

As the name suggests, fireplace inserts are fitted into an existing fireplace space. That means if you already have an open-hearth fireplace that you don’t often use or that you feel sucking the heat out of your home, you can choose a fireplace insert to fill your current hearth. Ultimately, a fireplace insert is ideal if you want to revive your hearth space. Therefore, a fireplace insert is a quick and easy way to renovate your hearth and increase your home’s heating capabilities.

Heating Stoves

Heating stoves are powerhouses when it comes to generating heat for your home. They maximize heat output and provide 360-degrees of heat generation. If you don’t have an existing hearth, a heating stove can provide the perfect way to place supplement heat where you’d want it. Heating stoves are so efficient, however, that some people will have them installed inside their existing fireplaces. Heating stoves can be installed in nearly any living space, depending on the type of heating stove you choose. They can also be installed in a basement or an exterior building .

If you’re ready to increase your home’s efficiency, lower your heating bills and beat the winter chill by installing a fireplace or heating stove, let Tri-County Hearth & Patio show you your options! Our hearth experts can talk to you about finding an insert or stove for your home!