Patio furniture can last for years. Keeping your furniture looking good year after year takes a little extra maintenance. You probably have most of the tools you need to maintain your patio furniture; proper maintenance primarily requires a little time and effort.

Maintaining metal furniture

To prevent rusting, metal patio furniture usually is coated with varnish, paint or powder. Regular care of your metal furniture should include cleaning with a mild soap mixed with water. So, if you notice rust or mold forming, gently sand it away with a fine grit sandpaper, and touch up the paint or varnish, if needed. And, you can apply a protective coating with car wax. Apply the wax and buff it away per the manufacturer’s recommendations.

Washing fabric furniture

Sun, sunscreen, dirt and grime can make the fabric on your patio furniture look faded and dull. You can save your patio furniture! So, don’t throw out your cushions before you need to. If the patio cushion covers can be removed, they can be laundered per the instructions provided on the fabric tags. Also, for fabric that can’t go into the washing machine, you can scrub away buildup with a solution of one-quarter cup of a gentle detergent, such as dish soap or laundry detergent, mixed with one gallon of water. Simply scrub the cushions with a soft-bristled brush, rinse them thoroughly and lay them out to dry.

Cleaning wicker furniture

Like metal furniture, wicker furniture usually is coated with a varnish or sealant to keep the material safe from the elements. So, regularly vacuuming the wicker furniture with an upholstery brush can keep it free from debris. Any difficult stains can be scrubbed away with a soapy solution. Avoid washing wicker frequently with water, as that can weaken the fibers. Also, wicker can be damaged easily by rainwater or sunlight, so wicker furniture should be kept covered when it isn’t in use.

Maintaining wood furniture

Wood furniture can be the easiest to maintain, depending on your expectations. Therefore, natural wood furniture can be allowed to gray to its natural patina, which needs no regular care. In addition, if the wood is painted or sealed, it will require some regular touch-ups, or the occasionally refinishing, to keep it looking new. For regular washing, scrub wooden patio furniture with a soapy solution and rinse. Rust or mildew stains can be scrubbed away with a solution of oxygenated bleach and water. Also, wood furniture with a diminished finish can be restored with a gentle sanding or by scrubbing with a wood-bleaching agent. A water-proofing agent can be applied to wood furniture to seal out furniture and keep it looking fresh.

If your patio furniture is in need of an update, or if you are in need of replacement pieces, furniture covers or accessories to freshen and preserve the look of your patio set, stop by Tri-County Hearth & Patio Center. We can help you update your outdoor furniture and keep it looking new or get you set with a great new set of outdoor furniture. Contact us today!