Did you know you could heat your home in a low-cost, energy-efficient, environmentally-friendly way? Well, you can, with a wood-burning stove! There are several reasons you should consider heating your home with a woodstove.

Woodstoves produce a lot of heat.

Depending on the type of woodstove you choose, you can almost entirely replace your furnace with a woodstove! Woodstoves come in a variety of sizes to heat almost any space. They can even be attached to your home’s heating ductwork to pump heat throughout your home, rather in to one centralized room. Or, you can increase your home’s energy efficiency with zone heating: When you install a woodstove in the most used parts of your home, you can concentrate heat there and turn the thermostat down for the rooms that require less heat.

Woodstoves are energy efficient.

Wood fires often get a bad rap for being inefficient. While it’s true that open-hearth fireplaces and some older models of woodstoves and fireplace inserts aren’t the most energy efficient home-heating options, EPA-certified woodstoves are incredibly environmentally friendly! EPA-certified wood stoves use either catalytic converters or the stove’s own high temperatures to burn as much of the wood and smoke as possible. As a result, these woodstoves operate at as much as a 65 to 83 percent efficiency rate.

Woodstoves are environmentally friendly.

Again, wood fires often have a bad reputation when it comes to pollution, but newer woodstoves defy this convention. They are designed to burn up as much smoke as possible. In fact, EPA-certified wood stoves emit little particulate matter into the atmosphere. And wood carries the added environmental benefits of being a renewable source of heat.

Wood is an affordable heating source.

One of the biggest benefits of using a woodstove to heat their home is the cost of the fuel. For those who are willing to put in the work of chopping and storing their own wood, the fuel they use to heat their home costs only their time, and perhaps an investment in tools. Even for those who procure their wood elsewhere, wood tends to be incredibly cost effective when purchased by the cord. Scrap wood that is still a great source of firewood often can be purchased at a discount rate.

Woodstoves can be placed nearly anywhere within a home.

Woodstoves are incredibly versatile and can be placed nearly anywhere within the home. They require only enough space, and easy access for a pipe chimney to exit through a wall or roof.

If you’re ready to lower your home heating bills and heat your home in a way that is efficient, affordable, environmentally friendly — and beautiful — it’s time to consider a woodstove. If you want to learn more about heating your home with a woodstove, and about choosing the right woodstove for your home, stop by the Tri-County Hearth & Patio showroom today to talk to one of our hearth experts and see some of the beautiful woodstoves we carry.