Fall is just around the corner, and before you know it, crisp temperatures will have you lighting up your fireplace. You can get your fireplace ready with new accessories that increase efficiency, safety, and ease of use. There are several fireplace accessories you should be considering to help you get the most out of your fireplace.

Fire Screen

If you have an open-hearth fireplace, you need something to keep sparks, ashes and wood contained. A popping or shifting of the firewood or a sudden downburst of the wind through the chimney can send embers flying back into your home, where they can burn people or pets near the fire or scorch flooring and furniture. A fire screen placed in front of the fireplace opening can help to keep sparks in and keep your family, furniture, and home safe.

Fireplace Doors

Heavy duty fireplace doors serve a similar function to fireplace screens but with some added benefits. Fireplace doors can keep the fire in the fireplace, but it also can help prevent cold drafts from entering your home when the fireplace isn’t in use. Some glass fireplace doors also are designed to absorb the heat of the fire and radiate it back into your home, increasing the efficiency of your fireplace.

Fireplace Tool Sets

Every fireplace needs a sturdy set of tools to tend and clean up after fires. A good set of fireplace tools can add style and function to your hearth. Your fireplace tool set should include a poker and tongs for tending the fire and a shovel and broom for clearing away ashes. You also can consider adding a matching metal ash bucket or wood holder.

Fire Grate or Andirons

Fires burn most efficiently when logs are elevated off of the ground. That’s why most fireplaces are outfitted with a grate or with andirons. If your fireplace has neither, you should invest in a solid grate or andirons to help you fireplace burn more easily. If you’re looking to add a sense of style to your fireplace, a new grate or set of andirons with a decorative pattern can help!


A fireback also can add style to your fireplace while increasing your fireplace’s efficiency. A fireback is a heavy metal place placed at the back of your firebox. Firebacks are usually decorative in nature, and they reflect the heat of the fireplace back into your home, helping you to capture more of your fire’s heat.

Fireplace Rugs or Hearth Boards

Do you have a rug or hearth board in front of your hearth? You should! A fireplace rug or hearth board protects your floor from the burning embers and bits of log that can tumble out when the fire pops or when you open fireplace doors. Hearth rugs usually are constructed from heavy-duty, hard-to ignite materials, while hearth boards are constructed from tiles that won’t scorch when hit with hot embers.

If you’re ready to prepare your fireplace for fall with the right fireplace accessories, stop by the Tri-County Hearth & Patio showroom today! We have all the accessories you need to make your fireplace safer, more efficient and more functional.