Gas Fireplaces

Enjoy A Convenient & Low-Maintenance Fire With A New Gas Fireplace From Tri-County Hearth & Patio!

Are you tired of just dreaming of a warm, effortless fire? We can help! Here at Tri-County Hearth & Patio, we carry the finest and most efficient gas fireplaces on the market. Here, you’ll find the most captivating and easy-to-use products from Avalon, Lopi, and Fireplace Xtrordinair. Whether you’re looking for a portrait-style gas fireplace for your bathroom or an eye-grabbing and stately gas fireplace for your living room, we have just what you need here at Tri-County Hearth & Patio.

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Why Choose A Gas Fireplace?

Gas fireplaces are massively popular in today’s fast-paced world for a variety of reasons. Today’s gas fireplaces are:

Low maintenance – One major reason homeowners opt for gas fireplaces over woodburning fireplaces is that they’re so incredibly easy to maintain. With gas, there’s no need to clean out ash before or after each use and no real effort needed when it comes to building and enjoying your fire. For many homeowners, that makes opting for a gas fireplace a no brainer!

Fast & Easy – Another major perk is that with gas, you can enjoy a fire without all the work. Today’s gas fireplaces turn on and off with the push of a button, and many are even remote-controlled. Whether you have 20 minutes to relax or the whole night, with a gas fireplace, you’ll simply prop up your feet and enjoy the heat and ambiance until you’re ready to head out on your next adventure.

Beautiful – Of course, no fireplace would be worth investing in if it wasn’t also beautiful! Lopi, Avalon, and Fireplace Xtrordinair are known for designing and manufacturing some of the most aesthetically-pleasing fireplaces on the market. Add that finishing touch you’ve been looking for with a new gas fireplace!

Efficient – Today’s gas fireplaces are also incredibly efficient and clean-burning, so you can enjoy a guilt-free fireside experience. Now that’s good news!

If you have any questions about any of the gas fireplaces we carry or would like to know more about any of our products, please feel free to call us at 301-843-1771. We’re here to help!


Gas inserts are a convenient, low maintenance hearth option for many of today’s homeowners. Let’s discuss if it’s the right choice for you and your home.