outdoor gas fire pit Image - Waldorf MD - Tri-County Hearth & Patio CenterSummer means opening up your doors and taking your parties outdoors. If you love spending time with your friends and family in your outdoor living space, you could be entertaining in style with the addition of an outdoor gas fire pit. When you add an outdoor gas fire pit you’ll find many advantages.

Extend your outdoor entertaining season.

Once temperatures drop, you can be forced to take your outdoor entertaining back inside. With an outdoor gas fire pit, you can extend your enjoyment of your outdoor living space. An outdoor gas fire pit can add warmth and comfort to your patio and allow your friends and family to gather even after evening temperatures begin to drop.

Create a gathering space.

As it is with an indoor fireplace, people feel compelled to congregate around the warm glow of a fire. An outdoor fire pit creates a natural anchor and gathering space to your outdoor living space.

Enjoy ease of use.

A gas fire pit is easy to use. Unlike a wood fire pit, you don’t have to build and tend a fire. With a gas fire pit, you can enjoy your fire with the flip of a switch, and you are free to enjoy your party without worrying about adding logs to or stoking the fire pit to keep the fire going. When you are done enjoying your fire pit, you can turn it off with the flip of a switch; you don’t have to worry about monitoring a fire until it burns out.

Add ambiance.

A cold, dark patio can be uninviting. An outdoor fire pit adds ambiance to your outdoor entertaining space with the warm light of a cozy fire. Even during the day when the fire pit isn’t in use, an elegant and decorative fire pit can provide an attractive seating area to your patio.

Create an outdoor cooking area.

A fire pit begs for fun summertime foods, from toasted marshmallows to s’mores to hot dogs. A backyard fire pit can serve as a source of fun entertainment on a summer night. Guests can cook their summertime favorites, or you can get creative cooking appetizers, entrees and desserts over the open fire for your guests.

At Tri-County Hearth & Patio Center, we offer fire pits that can be quickly and easily installed in your outdoor living space, so your new fire pit will be ready to enjoy as soon as fall’s cooler temperatures settle in. We can help you select a fire pit that is perfectly sized for your patio, the size of your party and your patio heating needs. If you are ready to enhance your outdoor living space with a fire pit, visit the Tri-County Hearth & Patio Showroom today to explore our fire pit offerings!