fall_outdoor_patio_tri-county_hearth_and_patio_center_waldorf-mdAlthough summer is wrapping up for this year, the weather is just now hitting that perfect temperature for spending time comfortably outside. During the heat of the mid-afternoon, you can get away with wearing shorts and a t-shirt. First thing in the morning or as the sun goes down, you can stay comfortable with a light sweater and long pants. The temperatures are cool enough to keep away most of the pesky bugs, so with the right preparations you can enjoy the outdoors right up to the start of winter.

Maybe you have had the mindset that once the start of September hits, you have to stay inside and wait out the next several months before the first signs of summer start to show. However, if you plan properly and add the right accessories to your outdoor space, you can actually enjoy the outdoors for a few months longer than you thought.

You can play catch with your friends in the front yard or you can take your family out back for a tasty dinner fresh off the grill. Wear a few layers out to keep away the chill, and then enjoy the evening. Start accessorizing your patio by adding a fire pit. Fire pits come in all sorts of fun and functional designs, and you are bound to find one that fits your taste and outdoor space. Fire pits not only keep you warm as the temperatures dip, but they also provide a peaceful ambiance for your get-together and even keep away any straggling bugs. Another plus is being able to roast marshmallows for some tasty s’mores after dinner.

To pair nicely with your fire pit, you can also pick up some comfortable chairs to relax in around the fire. Outdoor chairs also come in endless styles, so you can have the simplistic nylon style that will stand up well to the elements or the cushy, swivel chairs you can really sink into. Having comfortable outdoor seating will help make the time you spend in the fall air more enjoyable.

In addition, you can invest in an outdoor table. These can be made of anything from cast iron, to glass, to stone, and they often have beautiful aesthetics to improve the look of your outdoor space. With a table, you and your family or friends can sit comfortably outside with a place to set your drinks of eat off of. Tables also make great places to keep your s’more materials.

These basics – a fire pit, comfortable chairs, and an outdoor table – will make your outdoor experience more fulfilling and pleasant. You can also add other accessories, like an umbrella, a sofa, a gliding bench, and more. If you live in the Waldorf, Maryland area, contact Tri County Hearth and Patio Center to speak with a specialist who can guide you to making the best choices in premium outdoor accessories.