If you have a Big Green Egg, we bet you’re excited about the approach of the summer grilling season. We also know you want to get the most out of your grill. To use your Big Green Egg to its full potential, you need the right tools. So before the grilling season officially kicks off: Do you have your EGGcessories ready?

Basic EGGcessories

While there are some accessories that augment your Big Green Egg cooking capabilities, there are some that are either necessities or that are highly recommended. Some basic Eggcessories include:

  • A nest or table.
    Your Big Green Egg needs a stand of some sort. If you are not going to build your Egg into an outdoor kitchen, you will need a Big Green Egg Nest, an Egg table or a customizable cooking island.
  • An Egg cover.
    A Big Green Egg is an investment. You will want a cover to protect your Egg from the elements to keep it in excellent shape for years to come.
  • Ash tool.
    Ashes will gather in the bottom of your Big Green Egg each time you use it. You don’t want to have to take your Egg apart each time you need to remove the ash. The Big Green Egg’s ash tool allows you to easily clear away ash through the stainless steel draft door.
  • Ash removal pan.
    When the clean-up job is a little bigger, you can use ash removal pan, which is custom shaped to fit into the bottom of the Egg to clear away ashes.
  • Grid cleaner.
    You also will need to keep your cooking grid clean. The wire metal brushes found at hardware stores and grocery stores can pose a hazard; instead, check out specialized grid cleaners from the Big Green Egg.

Cooking EGGcessories

Most Big Green Egg owners are serious about cooking, and they want to take advantage of all of the cooking methods available with the Big Green Egg. There are several tools that will help you to maximize your Big Green Egg cooking experience.

  • Charcoal starter.
    A charcoal starter will help you to get your Big Green Egg burning quickly.
  • ConvEGGtor.
    The ConvEGGtor is a favorite accessory of most Big Green Egg fans, and many would say that it’s a necessity. The ConvEGGtor allows you to cook over indirect heat on your Big Green Egg, allowing you to use your Egg as a smoker or as a convection oven.
  • Extended racks.
    Extended racks come in variety of styles, and they allow you to expand the cooking surface of your Big Green Egg.
  • Temperature gauge.
    A temperature gauge will allow you to precisely monitor the cooking temperature within the dome of your Big Green Egg.
  • Cooking thermometer.
    Every grill master would tell you that a meat thermometer is a must for allowing you to grill your food to perfection.


There are plenty more Big Green EGGstras that will help you get the most from your Big Green Egg. These include specialized charcoals and rubs, to roasting racks and baking stones. To find the EGGcesorries you need, stop by Tri-County Hearth & Patio today!