If you want to update the look of your hearth, an easy fireplace facelift is possible with a fireplace insert. Inserts also allow you to convert from one fuel type to another. At Tri-County Hearth and Patio Center, we carry wood-burning and gas fireplace inserts in various styles and designs. Both types of inserts are recommended by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency for their energy-efficiency, so which type should you choose? We would like to tell you about the benefits of both wood-burning and gas fireplace inserts to help you make your selection.


Avalon Small Wood Insert Rect

Avalon Small Wood Insert Rect

  • Clean burning and energy-efficient Burning wood can be harmful to the environment; however, today’s wood-burning fireplace inserts have been designed to burn wood more cleanly. With a 60% to 80% efficiency rating on EPA-approved models, these inserts give you the traditional fire using wooden logs without the guilt of polluting the air.
  • Economical and time-saving Rebuilding a fireplace can be expensive and time-intensive. For a truly easy fireplace facelift, a wood-burning insert is quick and simple to install. If your existing fireplace is damaged or unsightly, you will not have to wait through the rebuilding process to enjoy a wood-burning fire if you have an insert installed.
  • Stylish and attractively designed With a variety of style options ranging from classic to contemporary, improving the appearance of your fireplace is easy with a wood-burning insert. You can easily find a design to satisfy your taste and coordinate with your decor.


  • Convenient and easy-to-use The biggest advantage over wood-burning fireplace inserts, gas inserts require nothing more than pushing a button to ignite a flame. Some models even come with a remote control, allowing you to adjust the fire from your couch. Another plus to a gas fireplace insert is not having to wait for the fire to burn out before leaving the house. You simply turn the flame off.
Fireplace Extrodinair Gas Insert

Fireplace Extrodinair model: 32 DVS Gas Insert

  • More environmentally friendly than wood-burning inserts Although wood-burning inserts burn clean, gas inserts produce less emissions. Whether you choose a vented or vent-free gas fireplace insert, you will also experience greater energy-efficiency and lower heating costs.
  • Equally stylish and attractively designed Gaining popularity, the style options of gas fireplace inserts have become as abundant as those with wood-burning inserts. From classic and elegant to modern and clean to elaborate and intricate, your design choices are truly unlimited.

While the benefits of both wood-burning and gas fireplace inserts are clear, you should consider one thing about both types of inserts. For safety reasons, the Chimney Safety Institute of America recommends you have a new flue liner installed at the same time as your insert. Our technicians at Tri-County Hearth and Patio Center will custom-size the liner to fit the firebox of the insert, which will prevent various problems.

Ready for an easy fireplace facelift? Contact Tri-County Hearth and Patio Center to learn more about this economical and energy-efficient way to improve the appearance of your fireplace.