Hammock Sleeping is Great for Your Health - Waldorf MD - Tri County Hearth and Patio Center

Lying in a hammock with the cool breeze blowing around you on a warm summer’s day is the epitome of relaxation. However, according to recent studies there are many benefits to sleeping in a hammock you may not have considered. Tri County Hearth and Patio Center sells a variety of hammocks to suit your size, budget and comfort.

The relaxation component of lying in a hammock is no accident. While the premise is the same as the hammocks made of sinew and skin of yesteryear, today’s hammocks come in a variety of styles and construction. Tri County Hearth and Patio Center is located in southern Maryland and carries traditional rope hammocks, tufted hammocks, soft weave hammocks, quilted hammocks, and even pillow top hammocks.

Here are just a few benefits from sleeping in a hammock:

  • Faster Sleep
  • Zero Pressure Points
  • Deeper Sleep
  • No More Bed Making
  • Hammocks Are Good For Your Health
  • Comfort

Sleeping in a hammock is gaining in popularity and media attention. NPR, WebMD, and other respected publications and websites have featured articles on the health benefits of sleeping in a hammock.

Many people in South America and other countries throughout the world sleep in hammocks rather than traditional mattresses as a matter of choice. We know that all but the most avant-garde among us will keep their traditional bed.

However, adding a hammock to your yard, patio, or indoor/outdoor space means that you can have the best places for napping and relaxation you can ever imagine.

Once you learn how to balance in the right hammock, you will find out why others are raving about their hammock experiences. What should you consider when buying the right hammock? First of all, you must get the right size hammock for your body. To determine the right size, lay diagonal across the hammock from right to left or left to right and be sure you fit comfortably. Also, an important comfort consideration is the hanging angle of your hammock. You want to strive for approximately 30 degrees with the suspension lines at about the same angle. The hammock should only sag a few inches when you lay on it. You also want the suspension lines on the hammock to be able to hold your body weight without sagging or bending.

Imagine lying in the hammock under the shade of a palm tree, gently swaying in the breeze. You and your loved one are nestled together laughing and you feel like you are floating in air. There is soft music playing in the distance and you’re in a carefree world. (We heard that loud sigh!)

You don’t have to have a tropical island or beach to have that magical experience. You can create that experience right in your own back yard. You don’t even need the palm trees. All you have to do is purchase the hammock and climb on, you will be transformed. Call Tri County Hearth and Patio Center and we will help you choose the right hammock for you!