When you think about hearth appliances, the fuels that most commonly come to mind are wood and gas, and both have great attributes and benefits. Wood-burning fireplaces bring a classic charm and ambience, and wood, as a fuel, tends to be affordable and easy to find. Gas-burning stoves and fireplaces bring ease and convenience to the process of enjoying a fire — with a turn or a click, you can be enjoying your fire or shutting it down for the night.

At Tri-County Hearth & Patio Center, we carry a broad array of beautiful and efficient wood and gas appliances, but we have other options to show you, too. If you’re not sure what fuel fits your needs, we can introduce you to some other fuels that might be a perfect fit for your lifestyle or preferences.

We carry a variety of Lopi, Avalon, Englander, Hearthstone, Kozi and Austroflamm corn and pellet-burning stoves that span styles and sizes and offer a great mix of ambiance and convenience. A few of the reasons pellet and corn stoves might appeal to you:

burning pelletsGas stoves are incredibly convenient, that much is true. But if you’re particularly drawn to the ambiance of wood, a gas flame might not totally deliver for you. A pellet-burning stove can make for a perfect midpoint between the vibe of wood and the convenience of gas. The pellets you burn are made out of wood, so you still get that warm wood aesthetic, but they’re fed into your fire automatically with a hopper, so there’s no stacking or building fires and no tending.

Renewable Fuels
If you put a lot of effort into thinking about your energy consumption and living as earth-friendly as possible, pellet or corn stoves might be a great fit for your mindset. Pellets are made out of what would otherwise be discarded waste wood (like sawdust and shavings) — a productive reuse that anyone with an eye on recycling and upcycling will appreciate. Corn is also highly renewable — it can be produced within a short 180 days (a whole, whole lot shorter than it took for wood or gas to be produced).

Having the convenience of a gas stove also comes with the cost of gas, which, if you’re using your hearth appliance consistently, can add up. Pellets and corn can be a more cost-effective choice that makes regular use of your stove a little easier on the wallet.

The pellet and corn stoves we carry were designed to make highly efficient use of already efficient fuel — you’ll see very little waste, and get a whole lot of heat. And since you’re able to control your fuel use by adjusting the fuel feeder, you’ll get consistent, efficient heat as well.

If you’re curious about these alternative fuels, or just want to know more detail about all the different fuel options you have as you’re shopping for a new stove, we’d love to help. Stop by and see us, or give Tri-County Hearth & Patio Center a call!