Do you long for a warm, cozy fire crackling in your fireplace, only to spend the winter looking at an empty firebox because of the work it takes to build a fire? Do you envision an open-hearth fireplace where a chimney simply can’t go? Gas logs could be just what you need for your hearth. Gas logs are an often overlooked hearth option, but they offer homeowners a wide range of advantages.

Gas logs allow you to enjoy a fire with no work.

If you were to ask most homeowners with gas logs in their fireplace why they choose to install gas logs, convenience would probably be the No. 1 answer. Gas logs provide the look and feel of a traditional open-hearth, wood-burning fireplace, but with no labor needed to ignite or maintain the fire. Turn on a switch or press a button, and you can relax or entertain next to a roaring fire.

Gas logs are cleaner.

Wood fires are dirty. Not only do you have to clean the ash out of the fireplace, but every time you burn a fire in your wood-burning fireplace, you’re filling the air in your home — and your neighborhood — with fine particles that travel in wood smoke. In fact, many health organizations discourage the use of wood-burning fireplaces due to compromised air quality.

Gas logs are safer.

Sure, it’s pleasant to listen to the crackle and pop of a wood-burning fireplace, but that crackling can be dangerous! In a wood-burning fireplace, embers unexpectedly fly and logs can shift without warning. Either of those events can ignite a nearby object or burn someone sitting near the fireplace. Gas logs eliminate the danger of unexpected embers or shifting logs.

Gas logs allow you to put a fireplace in challenging spaces.

There are limits to where you can install a full-scale fireplace. Whether space is small or impossible to run a vent to, gas logs can provide a fireplace option where no other type of fireplace is possible. Gas logs come in a variety of sizes, so a small fireplace can be constructed in small spaces to accommodate gas logs. Gas logs also come in an unvented variety; they burn so efficiently that they don’t emit enough smoke to warrant a chimney. That means you can install a fireplace in a space that can’t accommodate a chimney or vent.

Gas logs are beautiful.

These days, manufacturers create beautiful ceramic gas logs that very closely mimic real wood-burning fireplaces. You can purchase gas logs in nearly any variety of “wood,” and the logs are styled to have knots, branches, and even ax marks. If you prefer a more contemporary look, you can even forego the logs and opt for a set of smooth river rocks or glass stones to sit in your gas-burning firebox.

If you are ready to outfit your hearth with a beautiful set of gas logs, stop by Tri-County Hearth & Patio. We can help you find a set of gas logs that will have you enjoying your beautiful fireplace all winter long.