Classic Or Modern, We Have A Wood Stove For You

The charm and allure of a fired-up, crackling wood stove can turn a cold, dreary night into a cozy, memorable evening. That’s why we here at Tri-County Hearth & Patio proudly carry the best wood stoves on the market. Whether you want the classic, cast-iron look from your childhood, the radiant heat and beauty of soap stone, or are interested in a steel wood stove with a modern twist, we offer dozens of options for every style and aesthetic taste.

Why Choose A Wood Stove?

  • Nostalgia: Wood stoves are enjoyed for many reasons. One reason is simply nostalgia. There’s nothing quite like the warmth, look, and crackle of a real wood fire. Many of us grew up cherishing times gathered around the wood stove, and that tradition doesn’t have to end. Modern wood stoves allow homeowners to continue to enjoy the traditions without the emissions.
  • Renewable Resource: In addition to being nostalgic and charming, wood stoves are enjoyed because they make use of a renewable resource. As a fuel, wood is comparably inexpensive and is in constant supply. If you’re concerned with ever-changing fuel prices, a wood stove can offer you some consistency.
  • No Power? No Problem: Another reason that many homeowners prefer wood stoves is that they don’t rely on electricity. In other words, if you lose your power (as often happens during a big snow storm), your wood stove can still provide your family with warmth and comfort. Many wood stoves even feature stove tops, on which you can cook or warm your dinner during a power outage.

But, What About The Environment?

With all of the improvements made to modern wood stoves, even the eco-conscious can enjoy the charm of a wood stove. Designed to burn efficiently and with little by-products, modern wood stoves are EPA approved and ready for guilt-free enjoyment.

Check Out Our Huge Selection Of Quality Wood Stoves!

At Tri-County Hearth & Patio, we offer the finest-crafted wood stoves on the market. From cast-iron stoves to soap stone stoves and steel stoves, we have a wood stove to meet every taste and need out there. If you’re looking for cozy enjoyment paired with efficiency, be sure to check out our large selection of high-quality wood stoves.

If you have any questions or would like to know more about the stoves we offer, please give us a call at 301-843-1771.